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group therapy

| benefits of group therapy |

Belonging to a group offers clients a safe place for community & comradery. While similar to individual therapy, group work has a variety of additional benefits including...

  • The development of communication skills 

  • The ability to practice new skills in a safe and controlled setting

  • Offers kind, genuine, and immediate feedback 

  • Reduces the feelings of isolation and loneliness 

  • Facilitates sharing, connection, and peer support

  • Can be a more cost-effective alternative to and/or supplement for individual therapy 


  • Increases self-awareness 

  • Teaches you how to become more accepting of criticism and provide others effective feedback

  • Helps people learn how to communicate their thoughts, feelings, and interpersonal issue 

  • and more...


| What to expect in group therapy |

Although joining a group can initially feel uncomfortable & even intimidating, often participants' worries subside within minutes of their first group session. Most groups have a basic structure they operate from each meeting. Here are a few basic things you can expect when joining a group...

  • Make it your own - As a group, you'll brainstorm a mutually agreed-upon code of conduct.

  • Initial group Introductions - Typically you won't be asked to spill your guts until you're ready.

  • Participation is encouraged, not required - However, groups are built on trust and sharing. 

  • You get out what you put in - The more you lean into developing self-awareness and growing your understanding, the more apt you are to embrace change and achieve goals. 

  • Data Dump - Weekly check-ins where you'll have the opportunity to vent, process, and ask for support.

  • Discussions - Group is a great place to discuss issues that impact the group as a whole, such as issues on sex, sexuality, politics, mental health, relationships, society, etc.

  • Support - Members and leaders are here to support, not interrogate, judge or condemn. 

  • Nightly-Nuggets - End group on a high note by sharing something you found particularly insightful, thought-provoking, helpful, or kind.

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