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Denver Metro based

Counseling & Psychotherapy

What if...

  • You could stop the mental merry-go-round in your mind?

  • You easily fell asleep & woke up feeling rested? 

  • you Were able to relax, feel steady, & enjoy the moment?

  • you felt more confident & empowered?

  • you prioritized yourself & your wellbeing over others? 

  • you believed in yourself & trusted your choices?

  • you could engage in your life the way you want to?

What if...

  • You could better control your reactions to fear & stress?

  • ​Retirement didn't feel so depressing & isolating?

  • you could establish a better sport/life balance?

  • You could redefine yourself, your career, discover new passions & reach new peaks?

  • you could relearn how to structure your time?

  • you indulged in life for yourself?

Do you...
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individualized & Unique 

Counseling isn't a one size fits all deal.
It's tailored to suit your individual needs & goals.
offering in-person or virtual appointments.

About the Therapist


Brynne Goldberg, lpcc

I offer counseling & psychotherapy services in & around the Dever-Metro area.
I operate from a person-centered framework, utilizing a variety of evidence-based therapeutic approaches.
As I get to know you, I tailor my treatment style to the context of your individual needs. I am an LPCC,
registered psychotherapist, hold a master's degree in clinical counseling, & I am the founder of Peak Pursuits, LLC.

Learn more about how I can help you with your
specific needs by scheduling a complimentary consultation.


“I really liked the fact that I was able to open up and feel secure with what I was sharing...The most effective thing was being able to share things with someone other than my mind! The space, environment, and vibe were always warm and pleasant.”


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