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We ride for you.

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Nutrition, Health,
medication mgmt & more

Brynne incorporates an integrated team-care approach with her care & services. This means you won't have to go searching for supplemental providers, like primary care physicians or psychiatrists, & deal with wait lists. Her team of trusted colleagues is ready & waiting to offer various services from nutrition to medication management in order to tend to all your mental & physical health needs & goals. 

Integrated care is the gold standard because:

- Your overall physical health can fall by the wayside when you're struggling

   with anxiety or depression, on top of balancing life

- Figuring out your mental & physical health can be confusing, hopeless,

  & overwhelming, especially on your own

- A team of qualified professional brains is better than one - we consult

  with one another & include you in the conversations to create the most

  effective treatment plan specifically for you

- Cold calling all over town doesn't feel great & warm introductions feel better

- We care & we are available when you need us most

Examples & Overviews of Team Care Services:

- Care Coordination Warm Introductions: A personal introduction 

- Care Coordination Consultations: An initial consult to review needs

- Care Coordination Sessions: A full-length session for treatment planning 

- Care Coordination Check-In: A brief status update on your progress

- Care Coordination Concierge: We meet you where you're at


Below are some examples of the ways physical health can be impacted & the services my team can offer.

Impacts on physical health:

- Poor appetite 

- Increased appetite 

- Stress eating 

- Disordered eating habits

- Eating poor quality foods

- Decreased energy & lethargy 

- Stomach & GI issues 

- New or old injuries causing you chronic pain

- Incessant neck & shoulder pain from stress or work

- Undiagnosed stomach aches or indigestion 

- Migraines or regular headaches 

-"Phantom pain"

Services my care team provides:

- Nutritional counseling & coaching

- Meal planning 

- Allergy testing 

- Specialized meal planning 

- Massage

- Acupuncture 

- Physical therapy

- Medication management 

- General health & wellness care

- Pelvic floor testing 

- On-call concierge services 

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