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We ride for you.

Integrated and coordinated mental health care team

Nutrition, Health,
medication mgmt & more

Brynne provides a comprehensive team-care approach in her therapeutic services, eliminating the need for you to search for additional providers like primary care physicians or psychiatrists, and avoiding the challenges of lengthy waitlists. Her network of trusted colleagues offers a diverse range of services, including nutritional guidance and medication management, addressing all your mental and physical health needs and goals.

Integrated care is considered the gold standard for several reasons:

- Your overall physical health can fall by the wayside when you're struggling

   with anxiety or depression, especially when juggling life's demands.

- Navigating the complexities of both your mental and physical health can often be overwhelming, confusing, & frankly disheartening, particularly when you're trying to tackle it on your own.

- A team of qualified professional brains is better than one - we consult

  with one another & include you in the conversations to create the most

  effective treatment plan specifically for you.

- Cold calling all over town doesn't feel great & warm introductions feel better.

- We care & we are available when you need us most.

Comprehensive care
in a nutshell

Below are some examples of the ways physical health can be impacted when struggling with mental health issues & how we can help you.

Impacts on physical health:

- Poor appetite 

- Increased appetite 

- Stress eating 

- Disordered eating habits

- Poor-quality diet

- Decreased energy & lethargy 

- Stomach & GI issues 

- IBS, undiagnosed stomach aches or indigestion 

- Chronic pain due to stress or injuries

- "Phantom Pain"

- Neck & shoulder pain

- Headaches and migraines

- TMJ pain

- Teeth grinding

-"Phantom pain"

Services my care team provides:

- Nutritional counseling & coaching

- Specialized meal planning 

- Allergy testing 

- Massage

- Acupuncture 

- Physical therapy

- Medication management 

- General health & wellness care

- On-call concierge services 

A team of professional providers to treat your anxiety or other mental health issues through therapy

peak pursuits Team members & partnerships 

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Book a consultation to learn more about all partnerships & the services they proivde.

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