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about the practice

Authenticity & transparency.

Brynne Goldberg | Owner, Founder, & Psychotherapist of Peak Pursuits Mental Health Care

the therapist

Authenticity & transparency. These are the two most important facets of my practice because the stronger the working relationship is, the more effective the work and the better the outcome. Therefore, I tailor my therapeutic approach to each individual, incorporating ongoing dialog & feedback about progress, treatment plans, & goals. 

The philosophy

I believe people are a product of their life experiences & biological makeup. We show up with the information we've collected & respond to the world in the only ways we know how. And, I believe we have the ability to change.

the values

• Empower people to discover their capabilities, strengths, & worth  • Lead with compassion & empathy • Promote an atmosphere of equality • Challenge & encourage growth • Recognize & respect differences • Present useful feedback • Educate, motivate, & support • Present useful & transferable skills • Promote the benefits of mental health care•  Create an effective working relationship, built on authenticity & transparency •


Interviews & Features

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We had the good fortune of connecting with Brynne Goldberg, LPCC and we’ve shared our conversation below. 

Hi Brynne, can you talk to us a bit about the social impact of your business?

" I am hopeful that I can directly impact my community since my business and I am one and the same. My professional goals are also my personal goals. Destigmatization and awareness of mental health and mental health care are not only a part of my business mission; they are a part of my personal mission as well. I want to do more than solely provide talk therapy. I’m bursting with ideas, passion, drive, and motivation, and I’m confident in my stamina. I feel this fire burning inside me will not go out until I am sure the changes I want for the world are visible and palpable. To put it simply, I want a trip to the therapist to be as conventional as a trip to the dentist."