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about the practice

Authenticity & transparency.

Brynne Goldberg | Owner, Founder, & Psychotherapist of Peak Pursuits Mental Health Care

the therapist & coach

Authenticity and transparency are the cornerstones of my practice, as they play a pivotal role in enhancing the effectiveness of our work & the quality of outcomes. Therefore, I tailor my therapeutic approach to each individual, incorporating ongoing dialog & feedback about progress, treatment plans, & goals. 

The philosophy

I believe you are a product of your life experiences & predispositions. You show up with the information you've collected & respond to the world in the best ways you know how. And, I believe you have the ability to change.

the values

• Empower people to discover their capabilities, strengths, & worth  • Lead with compassion & empathy • Promote an atmosphere of equality • Challenge & encourage growth • Recognize & respect differences • Present useful feedback • Educate, motivate, & support • Present useful & transferable skills • Promote the benefits of mental health care•  Create an effective working relationship, built on authenticity & transparency •

My passion for helping people is rooted in my personal journey as both an athlete & someone who has struggled with anxiety.
I've been involved in various sports throughout my entire life, & although I no longer compete, I will always identify as an athlete. When I was younger, I didn't understand that my struggles, personally & athletically, stemmed from anxiety or why. Living in Colorado, immersed in athletically driven communities, brought to the forefront the prevalence of the challenges I had experienced. As a master's student studying clinical mental health therapy, I realized that athletes should be recognized in the mental health field as a distinct group with their own unique challenges, worthy of specialization. It was this realization that compelled me to make it my life's mission to help individuals gain a better understanding of their anxiety & learn how to do more than just cope, raise awareness about mental health issues in the athlete community, & guide people in uncovering their "why."
Check out the features below to learn more about my journey & my why.



Episode 45: Athletes & Mental Health

In this episode, Brynne and Joe

sit down to talk about athlete mental health, athlete identity, anxiety, and working on how to turn down the dial on those demons.

Navigating Anxiety

Brynne breaks down exactly what anxiety is, the signs and symptoms to seek help, and practical tools

to manage anxiety. 

Navigating Anxiety with Brynne Goldberg, MA, LPCC

Navigating Anxiety with Brynne Goldberg, MA, LPCC

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Various Perspectives on Health, Wellness & Living Your Best Life

We’re so lucky to have some great guests with us today to discuss various perspectives on health, wellness & living your best life and so much more.

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We had the good fortune of connecting with Brynne Goldberg, LPCC and we’ve shared our conversation below. 

Hi Brynne, can you talk to us a bit about the social impact of your business?

" I am hopeful that I can directly impact my community since my business and I am one and the same. My professional goals are also my personal goals. Destigmatization and awareness of mental health and mental health care are not only a part of my business mission; they are a part of my personal mission as well. I want to do more than solely provide talk therapy. I’m bursting with ideas, passion, drive, and motivation, and I’m confident in my stamina. I feel this fire burning inside me will not go out until I am sure the changes I want for the world are visible and palpable. To put it simply, I want a trip to the therapist to be as conventional as a trip to the dentist." 


LPCC | Licensed Professional
Counselor Candidate
CO Department of Regulatory Agencies 
NLC.0110265 | 2019

MA | Master's Degree
Clinical Mental Health Counseling 
Adams State University | 2020

BS | Bachelor's Degree of Science
Communications & Cultural Studies
The University of Massachusettes at Amherst | 2012

CMPCC | Certified Mental Performance Coach Candidate
Association for Applied
Sport Psychology

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