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Clinical Psychotherapist
Brynne specializes in working with athletes/high-achievers & her area of expertise is treating anxiety. The key components to the work she does with clients are:

    - Exploring how your past is impacting your present

     - Identifying your ineffective thoughts & behaviors 

     - Understanding your emotional triggers & responses 

     - Developing self-awareness, distress tolerance,
         & emotional regulation skills

Although treatment plans & goals are created to meet each client's individual needs & goals, some general objectives of the therapy Brynne provides are:

 - Understand how & why you show up in the world
          the way you do

     - Remove the "blinders" that create self-limiting beliefs 

     - Create healthy boundaries & relationships

     - Feel more in control of your life


“I really liked the fact that I was able to open up and feel secure with what I was sharing...The most effective thing was being able to share things with someone other than my mind! The space, environment, and vibe were always warm and pleasant.”
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