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Mental health services specializing in athletes, achievers, high level performers, & anxiety.
Providing personalized, integrated, & comprehensive care for individuals across Colorado.

Brynne Goldberg | Owner, Founder, & Psychotherapist of Peak Pursuits Mental Health Care


Psychotherapist, MA | LPCC
Owner & Founder of Peak Pursuits Mental Health Care
Brynne specializes in working with athletes & high-performers. Her area of expertise is treating anxiety. The key components of the work she does with clients are:

    - Exploring how your past is impacting your present

     - Identifying your ineffective thoughts & behaviors 

     - Understanding how your patterns may be contributing to
         & exacerbating life's problems

     - Learning how to establish more effective patterns to live a more
        authentic & enjoyable life

     - Developing appropriate coping mechanisms & skills

Although treatment plans are tailored to meet each client's individual needs & goals, some general objectives of the therapy Brynne provides are:

 - Gaining insight into how & why you show up in the world
          the way you do

     - Recognizing & removing the "blinders" that limit perception,
         choice, & autonomy 

     - Deconstructing the myths & messages you internalized throughout life
           & reconstructing your own "internal infrastructure" 

     - Examining your relationships & implementing healthy boundaries

     - Feel less burnt-out, stressed, overwhelmed, & anxious

     - Become more confident, secure, & authentic 
"I am deeply & profoundly passionate about helping people realize they can do so much more than just learn how to cope.
I b
elieve exploring the past is essential to understanding the present & key to inspiring change. I use an insight-based approach to therapy, incorporating elements of psychoanalysis to identify & understand the origins of the patterns exacerbating life's problems, as well as cognitive & behavioral therapies to help clients learn how to change their patterns, address their problems, & feel better. 



"As a primary care provider at a concierge medicine practice, I have referred multiple patients to Brynne. Each patient has reported that they really enjoy working with her and they have made great progress, especially in dealing with their anxiety. She has great insight, and as a provider, I appreciate being able to collaborate with her to do what is best for our mutual patients!"
Lindsey Campion, NP
Balanced Healthcare
Denver, CO

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