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Helping you learn how to do more than just cope.


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Brynne specializes in helping people understand & manage their anxiety with a particular focus on two distinct groups: athletes & achievers. Both struggle with similar themes in different contexts, including issues related to identity, balancing work or sport with life, battling burnout, coping with perfectionism, & more.

A large part of Brynne's core mission has been to raise awareness & establish a dedicated space for addressing the distinctive challenges frequently encountered by athletes, challenges that are often hidden from public view or unfamiliar to those outside the sports world. She works with a diverse range of athletes, spanning from the casual "weekend warriors" to high school, college, amateur, professional, Junior Olympians Adult Olympians, retired, injured, & athletes across various disciplines. Click here to learn more about the motivation behind her passion for this population.

As workplace issues, like burnout and brain fog, continue to rise, another fundamental aspect of Brynne's mission is to assist high-performing achievers in understanding how & why these problems uniquely affect them & how they can implement meaningful changes, rather than simply learning how to cope. This group encompasses individuals engaged in high-stress, high-stakes professional endeavors in fields such as law, technology, finance, medicine, & more.


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An overview:

Perfectionism, burnout,

as-soon-as-syndrom & more...

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An overview:

Overthinking, people pleasing,

fear avoiding & more...

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An overview:

Identity, emotional detachment,

extremist mantality, & more...

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