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working with Athletes & Achievers
struggling with Anxiety & Emotional Issues

| overview of specialties |

Brynne offers psychotherapeutic counseling services to treat a variety of emotional issues & disorders. She specializes in treating adults experiencing mild to severe symptoms of anxiety by incorporating evidence-based therapeutic approaches & interventions with psychoeducation to promote the development of self-management skills & strategies. 

Within Brynne's approach, she recognizes that no two people or their problems are the same. As she gets to know her clients, she tailors her treatment style to the context of an individual's specific needs & goals. Peak
 Pursuits prides itself on being a comprehensive counseling service by providing more than just traditional talk-therapy. Brynne offers integrated care by working alongside other medical professionals to provide a complete care team. 

To learn more about Brynne's approach to comprehensive care, anxiety & the unique challenges of being an athlete and achiever, explore the tabs & overviews below to gain a more in-depth understanding.

Image by Tom Chen
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