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Therapy services, rates & FAQs

Offering virtual services means you can get the care you need
while on the road or from the comfort of your own home.

Where the adventure of therapy begins

the whole enchilada

The First Step: The Consultation 

Therapy is like any other service. You get to try it before you buy it!
Brynne offers complimentary consultations to provide prospective clients the opportunity to get a feel for whether or not she & her approach to therapy may be a good fit for you. Consultations are about 15 to 20 minutes over the phone & can be scheduled at your convenience.      Schedule Now >>

The Second Step: The Intake

After the consultation, it's entirely up to you whether or not you'd like to move forward & schedule an intake appointment. From there, you'll receive access to your personal client portal where you'll fill out a few questionnaires to help paint or more thorough picture of what is going on & your history. During the 90-minute intake appointment, Brynne will review the questionnaires with you to assess your symptoms, discuss what brings you to therapy in more depth, establish preliminary goals, & present her clinical recommendations for session frequency & primary areas of focus for initial treatment. 

The Third Step: Follow-Up Sessions

After the intake assessment, Brynne will make a clinician recommendation for session frequency based on the severity of your symptoms, needs, & goals. Ultimately, the frequency of visits is your choice. Most often, people schedule weekly or bi-weekly appointments. Each follow-up session is 50 minutes & scheduled on the hour. Brynne uses the last 10 minutes of the hour for note-taking, patient care, & treatment planning in order to ensure progress. 

Individual Therapy
in a nutshell

Brynne tailors her therapeutic approach to align with your unique needs & goals. She believes understanding the past is essential to understanding the present & creating change. This is why she blends insights from Psychoanalysis with a range of evidence-based therapeutic approaches, including Dialectical Behavioral Therapy & Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Throughout your sessions, Brynne helps you explore your life history & untangle the underlying sources that are either triggering or exacerbating your emotional distress. Over time, the collaborative work both within & outside of sessions facilitates the development of more effective coping strategies & fosters the transformation of thought & behavioral patterns that contribute to emotional distress. Ultimately, this process can empower you to take control of your anxiety rather than allowing anxiety to control you.

Starting your individual therapy journey
mental health therapy for high-achievers and anxiety

Experience overview

Brynne has experience addressing a wide array of mental health challenges, including depression, mood disorders, personality disorders, relationship issues, & more. Through this experience, Brynne uncovered & cultivated her passion for anxiety & its treatment because of it's prevalence, negative impacts, yet relative ease with which it can be improved. In 2020, she founded her private practice, Peak Pursuits, primarily offering telehealth services to individuals aged twelve & older.


How long will I need to be in therapy?
This determination is unique & personal to each individual. Clients typically begin to notice or feel a change within 6 to 8 sessions. Therefore, if you schedule weekly appointments, you may experience this change within 6 to 8 weeks. Generally, the more time between sessions, the longer it may take to feel different. Often, clients experiencing severe symptoms or emotional issues prefer to initially schedule weekly appointments & then transition to a decreased frequency once they start to feel some relief. 

Ultimately, you can be in therapy for months or years. It's entirely up to you.

How long will it take to feel better?
Therapy takes a minute. I wouldn't have a job if I had a magic wand to rid you of all your problems overnight. Often, my clients experience some relief after the first session because it just feels better to get sh*t off your chest. For some, changes occur incrementally & can go undetected until one day you just realize, "Hey, I just handled that thing really well." (Insert self-high-five) 

How often will I need to attend therapy? 
Typically, my clients who work with me on a weekly or bi-weekly basis start to feel relief around 6 to 8 weeks, notice major changes around 6 to 8 months, & make significant progress towards their goals after 1 year.

How do I schedule, change, or cancel appointments? The client portal allows you to schedule your appointments, on your device, at your convenience. You simply select from the available time slots & a request will be sent directly to me. You can cancel your appointment at any time so long as it is at least 48 hours in advance. To change your appointment, cancel the original & submit a request for a new one. 

How much does therapy cost?
The price of therapy is generally based on the length of the session, the service(s) being provided, & the number of individuals or providers in attendance. An overview of rates is outlined below.

How do I pay for services?
The client portal lets you enter your preferred payment method. Charges will process electronically after each appointment, which helps avoid detracting from your session. The client portal will also notify you when your invoices & superbills become available to you which can be downloaded & saved to your own device. 

Who do you work with?
While my practice does have a primary focus on athletes & anxiety, I am committed to working with individuals from all backgrounds who are dealing with mental health challenges related to anxiety & depression. I aim to provide support to anyone in need, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their background, can access the help they need.

Why don't you accept insurance?
I do not accept payment via the client's insurance provider. However, if you receive any out-of-network benefits from your insurance coverage, I can provide a receipt (aka superbill) with the necessary details you'll need to submit a request for reimbursement from your insurance carrier if applicable. 

I empathize with how frustrating it is not only to understand how insurance works but also to find providers who accept payment from insurance companies. To help shed some additional light on the intricacies of health insurance, I have provided some resources below.

individual psychotherapy services & rates

Initial Phone Consultation
A brief introductory conversation to assess compatibility,
answer questions, & get to know one another

Time: 15-20 minutes
Rate: Complimentary

Comprehensive Consultation 
Entails: A more in-depth consultation appointment 
Time: 50 minutes
Rate: $180

First Individual Intake Session
Entails: An assessment of your history, symptoms, difficulties, & goals
Time:  90 minutes
Rate: $235

Individual Follow-Up Sessions
Entails: Exploratory discussions & therapeutic exercises 
Time: 50 minutes
Rate: $180

Couples & Family Coaching Session
Entails: Family members, friends, partners, etc., are invited to join you during your individual appointment. The aim of these sessions is dependent on the client's personal goals & is not meant to take the place of family or couples specific-therapy
Time: 90 minutes 
Rate: $235

Couples & Family Check-In Session
Entails: A brief assessment & evaluation of client's progress
Time: 50 minutes
Rate: $180

Warm Referral 
A brief introduction to recommended referrals for specialized therapy or supplemental referrals for medication management & other wellness needs
10  -  30 minutes
Rate: Complimentary 

Care Coordination Consultation 
Entails: A comprehensive discussion & introduction to recommended referrals for specialized therapy or supplemental referrals for medication management & other wellness needs to establish the client's core care team
Time: 50  -  90 minutes
Rate: $180 - $235

Care Coordination Session
Entails: A comprehensive evaluation with client's care team members to review status, progress, & assess needs cooperatively.  
Time: 50  -  90 minutes
Rate: $180 - $235

* In-person appointments may be accommodated upon request & depend on availability .


*The remaining time within the hour following your appointment is used for documentation, treatment planning, and other activities related to your care, such as emailing resources, creating specialized worksheets, research, etc.

*Please feel free to ask about sliding scale fees.

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