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Just because you can carry a lot, doesn't mean it isn't heavy.

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High-Performer (performance): better, faster, or more efficient than others. (Merriam-Webster) and "an individual who consistently produces superior results in their field or area of expertise." 

A•chiev•er: a person who achieves a high or specified level of success.(Oxford Languages)

Another speciality within Brynne's practice is working with individuals who identify as high-level performers & achievers, including professionals engaged in demanding careers characterized by exceptional intensity,  status, & responsibility, which are often accompanied by high levels of stress & burnout.

As a high-performer/achiever, you're consistently attempting to balance life, yet you often come to a crossroads between your success & your personal wellbeing. This unique dichotomy creates extraordinary challenges for you that take a significant mental toll. You often have a hard time establishing & maintaining healthy boundaries meant to ensure a work-life balance. But, due to the pressures, these boundaries often fall by the wayside. Feeling stuck between success & wellbeing can cause residual ramifications in other areas of your life, such as personal time & relationships. More examples of issues achievers often experience are listed below.


Therapy can help you understand deeper motivating factors that may be causing, contributing, and/or exacerbating your feelings of stress & anxiety. By gaining a more intimate understanding of yourself, you may be able to begin to recreate more effective & healthy boundaries, establish balance, develop coping skills, & experience less overall stress and anxiety.  


- You burn yourself out trying to ensure every task you're assigned is

  completed perfectly & on time

- Sometimes, you spend more time than you should perfecting,

  reviewing & editing 

- You feel personally responsible for subordinates' performance & worry it

   will reflect poorly on you 

- You take on more than you should & have a hard time saying no

- You have a hard time accepting compliments 

- You constantly criticize yourself

- You hyper-focus on the negatives & diminish the positives

- You agonize over mistakes for days

- You expend excessive energy avoiding mistakes & failing 

- You never feel good enough & you often feel like a disappointment

- You think you could be doing more & doing better

- You have extremely high, potentially unrealistic expectations of yourself

  & feel ashamed if you don't live up to them

- You feel guilty taking breaks, ending a work day early, or leaving work

   unfinished or unresolved 

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Image by Fares Hamouche


-​ You feel unsure of your identity outside of your career

​- You don't know what you want out of life,

   where your interests lie, what you are passionate about, & what else 

   makes you you aside from your profession since much of your time &

   energy has been dedicated to your professional success 

- You question how & why you ended up here as well as question your 

   original motivations & definitions of success & happiness 

- You feel resentful towards those whom you feel pressured you towards

   or along with your career path or those who depend on your success 

- You're uncertain if the field you're in is right for you because it 

   causes you so much stress 

- You find yourself daydreaming or searching for other careers or positions

Self-esteem & 
authentic confidence

​- You struggle to feel confident in your abilities & yourself overall, despite    all your accomplishments
- You have difficulties affirming & complimenting yourself - it feels
  uncomfortable, inauthentic, or maybe narcissistic 
- You question what you wear, say, and do, especially in crowds, around     

  people you don't know you colleagues 

- Sometimes you say things to make yourself feel better

- You feel competitive with others & have a strong desire to prove yourself
- You struggle to get past mistakes because they linger

   in the back of your mind
- You have a tendency to hyperfocus on the negative
   & discredit the positive about your appearance & personality 
- You have a hard time believing the compliments people give you 

- While, simultaneously, you may have become reliant on your

  performance to feel happy or good

- You struggle to establish secure relationships & often fear being left

- You mold yourself into the person you think others find desireable 

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Image by jose pena

Depression & Anxiety

- You have little to no work/life balance & have no idea what "self-care" is
- You've fallen out of all your healthy habits & have developed more
  unhealthy versions to cope such as eating, drinking, shopping, etc.
- You feel excessive fear & self-doubt - you're constantly worried about
  not performing well & being fired
- Your relationships feel strained & you find you often experience similar
   issues within relationships & amongst your relationships 
- You feel tired, unmotivated, unhappy, & unfulfilled 
- You often think to yourself you should feel happy & compare your life to     other's less fortunate 
- You consistently feel unorganized, behind, & overwhelmed
- You believe if you could just complete your to-do list you'd feel better

- You feel exhausted but restless
- You have trouble falling asleep & staying asleep - you're repeatedly     
  awakened by nightmares, worry thoughts, or work stress
- You are irritable & find yourself with little patience 
- You feel burnt out, unmotived, & the time you do find to sake off
  doesn't feel restorative 
- You've lost interest or are unable to find the time to engage in the
   hobbies & activities that once brought you joy
- You avoid conflict because it makes you uncomfortable 
- You rehearse conversations in your mind ahead over & over
  prior to the actual conversation
- You ruminate on past conversations & feel regretful or stupid
- You feel nervous if you're not constantly plugged in

stress & Burnout

- You consistently feel overwhelmed 

- You lost or gained an inappropriate amount of weight 

- You're prematurely losing your hair 

- You struggle with brain fog & constant fatigue 

- You pick at your hair, skin, or nails

- You have chronic pain & tightness in your neck or shoulders

- You feel irritable & unsure why

- You feel like you can't get enough sleep & struggle to get out of bed

- You experience the "Sunday scaries" or "As-Soon-As-Syndrome"

- You feel like you have ADHD because you can't get anything done, you

  have trouble focusing, & start various tasks simultaneously 

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