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Why I Do What I Do.

A lot of people ask me why I became a therapist. And well, there are a variety of reasons. Personal experiences, obviously, being one of them. But, while those experiences may have lent themselves to the development of an innate skill set that makes me uniquely qualified for this work, it's not what “fills up my cup”. I do what I do because it invigorates me.

Didn’t expect that one did ya?

I know, “Invigorating” makes it sound like I base jump for a living. “Invigorating” is typically associated with some type of thrill seeking hobby or lifestyle. But, for me, it’s the feeling I get after a session.

It’s bearing witness to, not only cognitively and internally but, a physical and external transformation.

It’s “cheesing out” when someone has a “lightbulb” or “ah-hah!” moment.

It’s hearing someone becoming their own advocate. Cheerleader. Mentor. Therapist.

It’s, frankly, playing some small role in changing someone’s opinion of therapy to the point where they want to seek therapy for themselves.

It’s watching people take control of their lives. Discovering their strength. Finding their worth.

It’s just being super jazzed by being able to offer some relief, especially when someone has been experiencing such turmoil and despair they never thought it possible they could live life any other way.

It’s seeing relationships mend and grow.

It’s doing my own work through working with others.

It’s ending the day feeling more energized and at peace than when the day began.

It’s being told stories about accomplishing goals and overcoming fears, especially when those changes are life altering.

It’s knowing that it’s not me making changes for someone else.

It’s not me changing the person.

It’s the person making changes for themselves.

It’s the person changing by themselves.

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