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As promised, introducing my new partnership made in integrated care heaven!

Peak Pursuits is now a proud member of the Nurture provider team, located in the Lower Highlands of Denver!

Nurture Wellcare Marketplace is a one-stop-shop for all your health and wellness needs!

Some highlights include:

• On-site childcare with Nurturelings

• Nest, an organic and locally sourced Cafe

• An Apothecary

• In-House referrals (including physical therapy, med mgmt, chiropractic work, and more!)

• Himalayan Salt Room

• Infrared Sauna

• IV Bar

• Yoga & Pilates

AND Nurture is also now the Denver hub for Gravity Haus and their Dryland Fitness studio!

To learn more, check out, and if you're in the neighborhood feel free to stop in for a coffee on me! (you gotta try the MoringA-Wakening iced latte!)

So, what does this actually mean and why is it important?

Have you ever had a health provider suggest seeking out a specialist or a different provider to meet your health needs? Did that make you feel like this....

If you've ever felt unheard, uncared for, or tossed to the side by a health care provider, you probably get what I'm talking about.

Well, now you can feel like this…


The benefit of having your health providers under one roof, aka integrated health care, is to take the confusion out of the equation. Serving my clients from the Nurture enables me to…

• Establish trusting relationships with other health providers and add them to my treatment “tool kit” in order to provide “wrap-around” services and ensure clients receive all the care they need

• Personally introduce clients to other providers, facilitate appropriate supplemental care, and scheduling appointments

• Serve as an advocate for clients when visiting a new or different provider for the first time, help explain your symptomatology, experience, what you are looking for, and address other questions or concerns

• Help you feel your absolute best by joining a family dedicated to nurture health and wellbeing!

Welp, thats all for today folks!

Take cafe & be well!


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